Single Stage Mono Block Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Single Stage Mono Block Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Alfa Technovac LLP Mono Block Modern design Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are very compact, easy to install, easy to assemble, mobile and simple design with smooth operation. These pumps are connected to the motor shaft. the pumps develop maximum vacuum of 680 to 720 mm of hg. When sealing water temperature is around 30℃ (755 barometric pr. 30℃ suction temperatures). These pumps operate at low water consumption and low pressure i.e. 0.3 to 0.5 kg/cm2. as these pumps are compact, they can be easily taken from one place to another.

Features & Advantages

  • Can be supplied with accessories like mechanical seal, Corrosion Resistant Coatings, Water Recirculation System, Special Type Couplings, Exhaust Silencer Special types Couplings for specific application.
  • Simple Construction
  • Trouble free Operation
  • Compact and Mobile

Fields of Application

  • Laboratory Usage
  • Priming Purposes
  • Pilot Plants


16 m3/hr. to 330 m3/hr

Dimensional Details

Material of Construction

Graded Cast Iron, Stainless steel grade SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L Bronze and combination of the same as required.

Pump Model Max. Cap.
Water Reqd.
Rec. Motor
MV-1 16 3 1/2850
MV-2 25 5 2/2850
MV-3 49 7 3/1450
MV-5 81 9 5/1450
MV-7 123 12 7.5/1450
MV-10 220 15 10/1450
MV-15 330 22 15/1450