Multistage Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump

Multistage Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump

HHV Pumps with seven years of experience in designing rotary vane and roots boosters pumps, brings in the latest chemical dry vacuum pump.

The design concept of the pump is based on oil-free, non-contacting, four stage hook and claw mechanism. It provides consistent vacuum at high efficiencies, lowest cost of ownership with adequate safety and performance standards.

The new pump is of 300m3/h capacity with an ultimate vacuum of less than 1 mbar.


  • Four stage design with roots and claw combination
  • Vertical mount design to overcome by-product build up
  • Direct drive vertical motor
  • Water cooling in all stages and head plates
  • Shaft seal and stage purging
  • Cartridge type inlet side bearing enabling replacement of bearing and seals without removing stages.
  • Pumps are available with flame proof motors
  • Customised vacuum pumping stations are available

Industry / Markets

  • Chemical/Pharma
  • Electrical & Power
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas

Typical Applications

  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • Filtration
  • Solvent recovery
  • Centralised vacuum - Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Freeze drying
  • Short path distillation
  • Steam sterilization

Dimensional Details

DP 300

Technical Specifications

Particulars Unit DP300
Frequency / Phase Hz 50 / Three phase
Orientation - Vertical
No. of stages - 4
Construction - 1 root + 3 claw
Maximum displacement (swept volume) m3/ h 417
Maximum pumping speed (Pneurop 6602 / IS 6849) m3/ h 300
Ultimate pressure (total pressure) mbar 0.05
Motor power kW 11
Weight kg 580
Noise level** dB(A) 80
Inlet connection - ISO63
Exhaust connection - ISO63
Gearbox oil capacity L 3.5
Recommended oil (supplied) - IG 150
Cooling system type - Direct water cooling
Cooling-water flow I/min 4 to 10
Supply temperature range 5 to 35
Cooling - water supply pressure bar G 2 to 10
Shaft - seals air / nitrogen purge - Yes
Pressure relief valve - Yes
Overall dimensions; (Lenght * Width * Height) mm 850*750*1710

Performance Curves